Reservation of the facility will be on a first come first serve basis. Separate payment of the rental fee and security deposit are due when the reservation is made. Occupancy of the multi-purpose room or dining room is a maximum of 125 people. Occupancy of the entire building is limited to 250 people.

For all rentals lasting longer than 11:00 pm, a commissioned Callaway County Police officer must be present at the expense of the renter.

The Community Center building and immediate property is DRUG, ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO FREE.

The Security Deposit will be refunded when keys are returned and the building is restored to the original condition at the time of acceptance.

  • Refundable security deposit, $250, due at the time of reservation
  • Rental fee for multi-purpose room OR dining room, $150 plus refundable security deposit
  • Use of the kitchen, which may only be rented with the Dining Room, is an additional, $25
  • Child’s birthday party rental for 3 hours is $75, plus the refundable security deposit
  • Rental of entire facility, $250 plus refundable security deposit
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