How Your Rent is Set

Once you find a landlord to rent from, your landlord sets the amount of rent they require. FHA sets the value of your rental assistance voucher. The amount you pay is the difference.

The value of your rental assistance voucher depends on the Voucher Payment Standard, your income level, the size of your family, deductions that you might qualify for, and other factors from your application. The amount is calculated so that a family renting an average unit will pay 40% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities.

You have the option of renting an apartment or house that is larger or more expensive than average. If you do, then the amount you pay will be higher as a result. At the time you start your lease, the maximum you are allowed to pay in rent and utilities (and still receive your voucher) is 40% of your adjusted monthly income. Any average will always be on your side of the equation, no matter what happens to your income.

Subsidy Standards

We calculate the number of bedrooms that are subsidized based on the size of your family. One bedroom is assigned for the head of the household, or for a couple living together in a partnership. Children under two do not receive a bedroom allowance except in certain situations. For each two additional family members over the age of two we assign one more bedrooms depending upon the gender. Two unrelated adults who meet all other eligibility requirements and need to provide support to each other because of a disability, may be issued a two-bedroom voucher.

  • failing to pay the tenant portion of the rent
  • engaging in drug-related or violent criminal activity

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